Meet our leadership team!


Liz Casolo


My name is Elizabeth, and I am The Beak’s Editor In Chief for the 2020-2021 school year. As a senior, this is my fourth year on the paper’s staff, and, despite these challenging circumstances, I’m delighted to oversee and collaborate with such a dedicated team. I’m also passionate about civic engagement, music and media production.”

Elliot Greenbaum

Assistant Editor

Elliot Greenbaum, senior, is an assistant editor for The Beak. He writes and edits articles on a wide array of topics including special events and student life. A performing guitarist/songwriter as well as a saxophone player in the GHS Wind and Jazz Ensemble, music is an important part of his life. He also enjoys playing chess, teaching the game to young kids around town, and likes to play basketball even though he is not very good at it.

Sydney Floch

Assistant Editor

Sydney Floch is a Sophomore at GHS. She loves to play tennis, write, and hang out with her friends and family. This is her second year on the newspaper and her first year as an assistant editor. This means that she writes for The Beak and helps others edit their articles.

Assistant Editor

Lucie Bai


Assistant Editor

Caitlin O'Brien


Head of Social Media

Darian Fauser


Assistant Social Media Manager

Maria Arrinda


Club Advisor

Brian Walach

As a faculty advisor, I assist students with layout, the website, the Instagram, and other digital aspects of The Beak. I am a math teacher at Greenwich High School. I enjoy french fries, traveling, playing guitar, and flying small planes on the weekend and in the summer.
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Web Manager

Divya Shenoy


Club Advisor

Sarah McConville

Divya Shenoy is a sophomore at Greenwich High
School. Her interests include playing the violin, 
dancing, and soccer. In school, she is a member
of the Girls Who Code club and the Model UN
club. She also loves traveling and eating exotic
foods, her favorites being churros and baklava.
Lucie is a junior and an assistant editor at the
Beak. In the past, she has worked mainly in layout but now helps to brainstorm article ideas and develop plans for article writers. She plays the cello and piano and loves to sing and write music.