Meet The Leadership Team

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Alicia Tang


Alicia is a senior at the high school. In addition to running the Beak, she leads production efforts for the Greenwitch Literary Magazine - as she is a fiend of both journalistic and creative writing - and oversees cultural activities for China club. You can also find her performing for Diversity Week with the SK Pop Culture Club. She loves journalism of all kinds, but is especially partial to those of finance and broadcast. She looks forward to working with her talented staff and hearing your voices echoed in our publication this year!

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Sydney Floch

Editor-in-Chief of Digital Media

Sydney Floch is a junior at Greenwich High School and is the Editor in Chief of Digital Media at The Beak. This is her third year on staff at the paper, and she is very excited for the year ahead. In her free time, she enjoys playing on the school's varsity tennis team and writing for the literary magazine (Greenwitch). Sydney thoroughly enjoys gluten-free food, going to sleepaway camp during the summer, and traveling (prior to COVID).


Lucie Bai

Assistant Editor

Lucie Bai is a senior and an assistant editor at the Beak. In the past, she has worked mainly in layout, but now helps to brainstorm article ideas and develop plans for article writers. She plays the cello and piano, and loves to sing and write music. 

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Rachael Roizer

Assistant Editor

Rachael Roizer is a senior at GHS. She started writing articles for the Beak last year and is now an Assistant Editor. In school, she is a co-captain of the Science Team and a member of the Photography Club. She also loves to read, watch movies, and spend time with her family. 


Divya Shenoy

Website Manager

Divya Shenoy is a junior and the website manager for the Beak. She is responsible for online layout and updating the digital monthly issues. Other than writing and web design, Divya enjoys traveling, Indian classical dance, and playing the violin. She absolutely loves exploring new cultures and trying exotic food, for which she has her sweet tooth to thank. Her favorite desserts are churros and baklava.

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Kieran McGuire


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Lauren Mondschein

Social Media Manager

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Penelope Herman

Assistant Social Media Manager


Brian Walach

Club Advisor

As a faculty advisor, Mr. Walach assist students with layout, the website, the Instagram, and other digital aspects of The Beak. He is a math teacher at Greenwich High School. He enjoys french fries, traveling, playing guitar, and flying small planes on the weekend and in the summer.