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Class of 2024 Hosts Student Government Elections

On Friday, the members of the freshman class (the Class of 2024) decided who they wanted for the coveted class officer positions.

The positions up for grabs were president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. There is an extensive list of students running for president, including Ishi Hassett, Martin Fomin, Lara Olmsted, Sahar Shakib and Jack Glass. Up next, we have Kate McCooe and Coleman Critchell, who are in the running for vice president. Amrutha Nandakumar is running unopposed for secretary; she is guaranteed the position unless there are any unforeseen circumstances. For treasurer, Lucy Li and Audrey Lin are running.

All of these positions are big responsibilities, and all the candidates have different views on how they will lead if elected. According to many candidates, past experience is crucial.

In an interview, Fomin said, “I have a lot of experience in leadership roles, in Central Middle School’s student council and the community. I helped organize a lot of fundraisers and got recognized with the Community Service Award and Good Citizen Award.”

Olmsted thinks any experience in leadership could benefit Student Government. She believes that being the co-captain of the soccer team helped her acquire leadership skills.

Hassett said, “I was president of my class in Australia, and, at EMS, I was a part of the student government, and, in 8th grade, I was president. I have great leadership skills, and I work well with everyone. I am also a great listener, which I think is a great trait for a president to have.”

Candidate Glass said, “I have been a part of these governments for six years. At CMS, I was secretary in 7th grade and president in 8th.”

Shakib said, “I think people should vote for me because I find myself to be someone who likes to help people, which I find to be an important trait. I also like to improve things.”

The bleachers at Cardinal Stadium (Photo credit: Kieran McGuire)

Having experience in any kind of leadership position will help contribute to the success of the candidate as a class officer. Many also already have plans for what they would do if elected.

McCooe said, “I will work for the school and help everyone get what they want because freshmen are usually overlooked.... Being in control of your education is important in a time like this.” Additionally, McCooe said she plans to listen to every student’s concern and address them.

Hassett, Glass, Fomin, Shakib and Olmsted all brought up how they want to do something to help everyone feel more included and content during the hybrid schedule.

Another common issue is the lack of unification between the two cohorts at GHS. Hassett and Glass both raised the idea that the two cohorts could have some team-building exercises and projects to help unify them as the student body at GHS.

Another critical position is treasurer, especially during this time of uncertainty. Due to the need for PPE and other essential items that were not needed last school year, the Class of 2024 requires careful management of funding.

Candidate Li said, “As treasurer, I hope to maintain what is going on and help with funds and disbursements, uphold what we have, and make things better! I want to make everything as efficient and normal as possible.” This is very important because efficiency and normality is very crucial, especially right now.

Lin said, “I hope to secure the funds of the school and put them towards beneficial causes. With the state of the country, finance is crucial. I will make sure every penny will be spent to benefit the school and important causes like activities to unite us.”

All candidates running say they understand the dedication and responsibility that goes into being a class officer at GHS, and they promise to make our school proud.

The results should be announced by Monday. Parallel to the presidential election this year, the school elections are very important. They let you voice your opinions and exercise your voice.

Disclaimer: Ishi Hassett, a candidate for freshman class president, participated in writing this article.

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