• Bella Crasto

GHS Lands on Saturn

Used by many students in Greenwich High School, the “Saturn - Time Together” app has helped countless teenagers keep up with their schedules, assignments and even peer interactions, something that has become extremely important during COVID pandemic times.

The app was launched on Nov. 18, and the idea was created by Dylan Diamond, a former student of Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut. After collaborating with entrepreneur Max Baron at the University of Pennsylvania, the two worked to launch the app. Even though Saturn aimed to help students specifically at Staples High School, it soon expanded to other high schools in the Northeast.

Staples High School has confusing block schedules and rotations, and Saturn has been there to help. Students at Greenwich High School endure the same routine struggles, and students find it useful to have their schedule and class times all on their phone. To use these features, students need to input their high school and then individually input their classes either by name or teacher. Soon their schedule will be completely filled out. Every day, an overview of their schedule is given along with the corresponding day letter rotation (specifically for the Greenwich High School schedule).

Additionally, besides the schedule features, the app is partnered with Snapchat, so students can link their Snapchat accounts and Bitmoji characters to create more detailed profiles and connections. Users are able to add friends based off of other users from the same school and interact with them through the chat feature which came out in early Feb. 2021. Saturn released their chat option which allows students to send messages in group chats of their specific classes or send direct messages to users in the school. This long-awaited chat option opens up a larger space for virtual social interactions, which are specifically encouraged throughout the COVID experience.

Timers are a well-liked feature in the app, which show how much time is left until your next class. These times are very accurate to the Greenwich High School bell schedule and are especially helpful when you are physically navigating the school.

Adjusting to an eight-block rotation schedule at GHS can be challenging, and now having to virtually keep track of it makes it even harder. Kristine Anne Dejesus is a fully remote freshman at GHS, which can be a difficult learning workplace for many.

She said, “Since I have switched to full remote learning, Saturn has helped me keep track of assignments and with a schedule that is constantly changing. I believe that it is a fun and interactive app for all students.”

Another freshman at the high school, Jacqueline Weinberg, who doesn’t use Saturn, manages her time in other ways.

She said, “To manage my schedule, I have my schedule as my lock screen, so that it is easily accessible. I think that helps me to always know what class I have to go to next. To manage my school work, I love to use my school planner… I find it useful to write down the work I have for each class. It helps me remember what I have to do at night. I also like writing it in my planner so that not everything has to be on a device.”

Either way, many students believe the Saturn app provides many benefits depending on how it's used. The application is continuing to grow with the latest support from countless students. Saturn has even expanded and is now available on computers and in a website browser, which can be more comfortable in the online school environment.

A Saturn employee on the customer-service team exclaims, “We’re launching more and more schools, and growing at our already-live schools. Definitely an exciting time for Saturn!”

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