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GHS Student Blood Drive

Blood is always needed in hospitals; surgeries, transfusions, and many other life-saving procedures rely on a steady supply of blood and plasma from donors. Due to lockdowns and public avoidance of overloaded medical centers precipitated by COVID-19, there have been blood shortages in hospitals all across the country. This year, the Greenwich High School Student Council was able to hold their first blood drive since 2019.

On Oct. 8, GHS students gathered in Gym-B to donate blood to the American Red Cross. Sign-ups for blood donations had been open at a table in the Student Center for a week prior to the drive, where donors filled up almost 90 percent of the open appointments. That Friday 32 donors presented to the gym to donate 22 units of blood over the course of the day. Cumulatively, that is two adult men’s worth of blood–enough to save up to 66 lives according to the University of Utah, a leading institution specializing in heart health. According to the Office of Public Affairs at the University Hospital, “Donating blood is safe and easy, yet fewer than 10 percent of Americans do it… Just one donation can save up to three lives.”

Donating blood isn’t the only way to help. Valentina Rivano, a GHS student who volunteered at the blood drive, said it was a meaningful experience. “Because I wasn’t going to donate blood, I wanted to help out some other way. I love volunteering and generally helping out with this kind of thing.” Rivano says that “it was pretty quiet” and “there weren’t too many people” due to the time she volunteered, but she and the other volunteer working the shift still stayed busy the whole time, bringing donors to Red Cross employees, giving the donors water and snacks, and keeping things organized. Rivano recommends future GHS blood drives as a good volunteering opportunity: “People should definitely help out.”

Look out for the GHS student council’s upcoming blood drives to volunteer or donate. A pint of blood can be life-saving and only takes 15 minutes to donate. In addition to the blood drives at GHS, the Greenwich Blood Donation Center in Cos Cob, the Greenwich hospital, and many local churches also have blood drives and openings. In order to donate blood in Connecticut, you must be at least 17 years old.

Visit the Red Cross website at www.redcrossblood.org for more information on how you can donate now.

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