• Alicia Tang

Greenwich Library Advisory Club Hosts Creative Contest

Updated: Jan 14

Calling all GHS creatives!

As we all settle into the wintry months of quarantine, the availability of our beloved artistic activities may dwindle. But, fear not, because the Greenwich Library Advisory Club (GLAC) is inviting you to partake in their very special media contest this year. Not only will you be able to indulge in your favorite mode of multimedia creation, but you will also be in the running for one of the three respective prizes, including the grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card!

The creation of your piece should be inspired by a piece of literature or film you discovered over quarantine that is carried by the Greenwich Library. Submissions can take the form of a work of art (i.e. drawings and paintings), collage, essay, poem, documentary, script, song or TikTok video.

Submissions will be accepted from Dec. 1 until Jan. 10. GLAC is excited to see what beautiful pieces you will produce!

If interested, check out the form below for more details and registration:


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