• Valentina Rivano

In-Person Wednesdays Make a Comeback at GHS

Updated: May 3

On Feb. 24, it was announced that the two cohorts will alternate attending school in person on Wednesdays. The Greenwich cohort was the first on March 17. On March 24, only juniors were in school as they were taking the SAT exam. On March 31, the Cardinal cohort will be in school, and the two groups will keep alternating every week.

Greenwich High School’s students and staff have learned a lot in these last few months, and the COVID-19 cases both in the state and district have remained relatively low. After the peak of cases in December 2020, cases have been decreasing. As reported by The New York Times, “An average of 267 cases per day were reported in Fairfield County, a 17% decrease from the average two weeks ago.” (Tracking Coronavirus in Fairfield County, Conn., The New York Times).

As the CDC announced that infected surfaces are not the main cause of COVID spread, having a full-cleaning day on Wednesdays is no longer necessary. As mentioned by Superintendent Toni Jones in an email, “Please note that despite the addition of in-person learning on Wednesdays, our Custodial Team will still be cleaning the building every day as usual to ensure cleanliness in all of our high-touch areas.”

This additional face-to-face learning on Wednesdays proves to be a polarizing issue. As a student from the Greenwich cohort, Trinidad Fellmann, said, “Going back to school on Wednesdays, it's like a step towards normal, and I personally like being in school. I actually get more work done, and I’m more productive than when I'm sitting around at home on my desk.”

A Cardinal cohort sophomore, Diana Pulgarin, said, “I think that being able to go to school on Wednesdays is going to be an advantage to the kids because, although we were pushed right into this distance learning method, we kind of got used to it over the past few months, so this way, by adding one more day that we're going to school, it's going to help us adjust at the right pace back to what we're hoping: to be back to the five days of school, in person.”

Other students had a different opinion on the situation. For instance, another student from the Cardinal cohort, who would rather stay anonymous, said, “I don't really like that because I felt more calm knowing that everyone was on the same ground as me, and that everyone was remote at the same time, and I wouldn’t have to worry about having less of a learning experience than everybody else.”

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