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Introducing the Student CARES Team


Seven GHS students are members of a recently formed team called Student CARES, which will be giving $20,000 in donations to four charities who are making a positive impact on the parts of the Greenwich community that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.

This team has had to research charities, decide how much to donate to each organization, and then communicate those decisions to both the charities receiving donations and to St. Catherine and St. Agnes Parish, which is funding this team’s efforts. These students have also been responsible for accomplishing these tasks essentially by themselves and without adult interference, so it is truly a student-led team.

Outside of St. Agnes Church (Photo credit: Elizabeth Casolo)

Adriana Jones, a freshman at GHS and a member of this group, said that she believed it was important that students were leading this effort because “We are the new generation, and we need to start making a difference in the community.”

During a recent meeting on March 17, the Student CARES Team decided on which charities they would donate to, those being Meals on Wheels, TAG, New Covenant Center and Family Centers. The team agreed after research and debate that these organizations would be able to help the local community recover from issues related to COVID-19 such as lack of access to food, shelter and healthcare for the homeless and elderly.

According to the chair and public spokesperson of this team, Molly Kriskey, “The St. Catherine's and St. Agnes Student CARES Team is a group of students who set out to live their faith and contribute to the wellness of those in our community who have been hurt by COVID-19.”

Outside of St. Catherine of Siena Church (Photo credit: Elizabeth Casolo)

The Research Director of this team, Patrick Sulivan, is a junior at GHS and said that he joined this team in order to “positively make use of my faith… [and] work with similar-minded peers in providing relief to those more negatively affected by coronavirus than ourselves.”

As this team reaches the final stages of its mission, it proves the influence that young people can have in their community through teamwork and dedication.

Disclaimer: This article was written by the Communications Director of the Student CARES Team.

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