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North Mianus Students Relocate

Cover photo credit: Elizabeth Casolo

On Saturday, Feb. 13, a pipe burst at North Mianus School (NMS). Fortunately, no one was injured. Due to the major flooding and collapsed ceiling caused by this pipe burst, the school was forced to close and is still closed at this time. The cost of repairing this pipe burst will be about $8 million, and many students will be unable to attend the school for the foreseeable future.

In order to continue in-person learning, the majority of the school’s students were forced to relocate to neighboring schools.

The district’s Director of Communications Sasha Houlihan said that “all eight sections of students in Grades 1 and 4 have been relocated to Cos Cob School, all sections of Grade 5 have been relocated to Old Greenwich School,” and all three sections of “Advanced Learning Program (ALP) students have been relocated to Parkway School.” Not all students were relocated as parts of the building were not damaged by the pipe burst. Houlihan said that “all sections of kindergarten and Grades 2 and 3 will remain at North Mianus,” with “one section of kindergarten that was located in the original building” being “relocated to another classroom at NMS.”

The students’ transition to the schools “went well,'' according to North Mianus Parent-Teacher Association Co-President Elizabeth DeHaven.

She wrote that “All three of the host schools were very welcoming and have been working to incorporate our students into their community as much is allowed with covid protocols in place.”

Relocated students in all three host schools are upholding social distancing guidelines as if they had never left their initial school. North Mianus Parent-Teacher Association Co-President Sarah Klocinski wrote that “students and teachers are following the same social distancing protocols at the host schools as they were at North Mianus,” including the mandatory full-day wearing of masks and students entering “separate doorways whenever possible.”

In order to provide each student with the option of in-person learning, the district will be providing bus transportation to and from each school. Each bus is being strictly organized by cohorts, and each grade has its own specific buses.

North Mianus students will likely attend their host schools for longer than initially expected. Reports from the Board of Education indicate “that it is not likely students will be able to return [to NMS] by the end of the school year.”

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