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R, W, & G: Spirit Week Edition!

Hey Cardinals, and welcome back to Red, White, & Glam: Spirit Week Edition!

The week of November 8th through the 13th was Spirit Week at Greenwich High School- the chance for students to show off their GHS school spirit before the homecoming semi-formal dance Friday and the football game on Saturday. As anticipated, the students at Greenwich High took the liberty of dressing up, with many wearing themed outfits every day of the week. Many students chose to go above and beyond, with absolutely incredible costumes. Luckily, Red, White, & Glam will be providing you with a recap of the fabulous fashion during the 2021 spirit week to make sure you don’t forget these amazing costumes anytime soon.

Starting off with Monday, officially known as “Sleepy Monday,” the students at Greenwich High School definitely lost some beauty sleep while debating over how to start the week off on the best note possible. From Winnie the Pooh-inspired onesies to Hugh Hefner and a school-appropriate version of a Playboy bunny, to a shark onesie and Roller Rabbit pajamas galore, this pajama day was one for the books. Several GHS students were spotted in the Roller Rabbit printed patterned pajamas–just about everywhere you turned, there was a student wearing a long-sleeve matching set of these preppy staples. In fact, one Greenwich High School student, Annabel Koven, posted a TikTok video which amassed nearly over 170,000 views and 25,000 likes, captioned “Pajama Day at GHS ft. Roller Rabbit.” In the video, Koven showcased many Greenwich High School students sporting these pajamas. When asked about her opinion on the popularity of Roller Rabbit pajamas, Koven said, “Roller Rabbits initially became popular because they are unique and have cute patterns while also being comfy, but now I’d say they are so popular because they have become a staple in ‘Greenwich’ style, similar to golden gooses or aviator nation sweats.” Indeed, the pajamas have been cemented as an iconic staple in “preppy” style. When talking about how the video went viral, Koven said, “I was not expecting the video to blow up at all but I’m also not surprised because people love to idolize and make fun of preppy style.” Yes, preppy style is considered by some as more favorable than others, but it’s clear that the brightly colored, patterned wardrobe staples are here to stay in Greenwich.

While Monday’s costumes were an upscale take on pajamas, the outfits worn on “Throwback Tuesday” were my favorites of the week. Even though many decades of outfits were represented, it’s easy to say that the most popular decade to dress as, by far, was the 1960’s. With tie-dye galore, go-go boots, peace sign necklaces and every shade of neon imaginable, many GHS students opted to rock a costume inspired by this decade. However, another iconic fashion style from the ‘60s was introduced in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, in which the character Holly Golightly, played by actress Audrey Hepburn, wears an iconic little black dress and a pearl necklace. One Greenwich High School student, Katie Huang, rocked a gorgeous black satin mini dress, complete with long black satin gloves and a pearl necklace a la Audrey Hepburn. Huang added a gray coat for added comfort in the November weather and finalized the look with the classic Audrey hairstyle and a pair of black pumps. When asked about inspiration for her Hepburn-inspired look, Huang said, “I wanted to make a subtle ode to the elegance and composure of 60s fashion while still retaining a modern touch. In contrast to the a-line shape of Hepburn’s dress, I opted for a shorter more body-con silhouette yet still maintained her iconic gloves and bun.” The outfits from Throwback Tuesday included those from an array of different decades and styles, which definitely helped add to the fun that students experienced when rocking a costume.

The next day, numerous Greenwich High School students dusted off their leather boots and cowboy hats in celebration of “Western Wednesday”. In similar fashion to Monday with the Roller Rabbit craze, Wednesday also had a common trend: pink, embellished cowboy hats. Even in a sea of pink hats, some students did opt to differ from the crowd with a unique take on this western-inspired staple. With some sporting a tie-dye version, a hat covered with feathers, or even one embellished with rhinestones, it’s clear that this feminine take on a cowboy hat is the new go-to western accessory for high school girls in Greenwich. In addition to the hats, many students chose to dress up in a western-style outfit. My personal favorite outfit from Wednesday consisted of a pair of pink and blue patterned patchwork jeans, paired with a pink lettuce-hem crop top and finalized with a pink tie-dye cowboy hat, of course (pictured). In addition, some common elements among many students’ outfits included bandanas, leather jackets, tall cowboy boots, flannel/plaid shirts and more-- all in true western fashion. This year, the Greenwich High School’s take on Western Wednesday was great, but Thursday’s outfits proved to be even better.

On Thursday, the elusive “Senior Dress-up Day” had the craziest, yet best outfits of the entire week. Many Greenwich High School seniors chose to dress in a group costume with their friends--my personal favorite was a group dressed as characters from The Wizard of Oz--but others decided to rock their costumes solo. Perhaps the most extravagant group costume from Thursday consisted of a large group of seniors dressed in intricate Star Wars costumes. All the characters from the movies were represented, such as Storm Troopers, Princess Leia, Darth Vader and many more. Continuing on that playful note, another student chose to dress as Santa Claus, complete with the red suit and full belly--turns out he doesn’t only show up on Christmas Eve, after all! Another group costume idea was a playful take on “old grannies”, or grandmothers. The students chose to don gray curly wigs and sport dressing gowns and slippers, with even a few walking sticks, to be fully authentic, of course! And I can’t conclude without mentioning the elephant (or should I say inflatable) in the room: the giant car wash costume, inspired by the inflatable, arm-flailing “dancers” outside of car washes. At GHS, Senior Dress-up Day was definitely a big deal. However, Friday’s theme proved to be much more relaxed and comfortable for students while enhancing Greenwich High School school spirit at the same time.

For “Red and White Friday” (an homage to yours truly), the attire of choice for students was simply to dress in the school colors, red and white. In fact, there was a plethora of GHS students sporting official school merch; the red and white plaid pajama pants are a closet staple, honestly. Friday’s outfits were definitely the most relaxed, and it was a fun way to end the week–wearing comfortable clothing, but still showing GHS pride.

When looking back on Spirit Week 2021, it’s clear that the efforts of students who chose to partake in the week’s dress-up days did not go unnoticed. There were some incredible costumes, and the week was truly a great way to connect with fellow Greenwich High School students through school spirit and fashion. Cardinals, keep the ‘Red, White and Glam’ spirit alive!

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