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Spotlight: Economics Club

Have you ever been intrigued by how intellectual property works? Are you interested in the costs and benefits of social media? If so, the Economics Club is the perfect after-school activity for you!

When I first stepped into the Economics Club, it was a little daunting to see a graph on the SmartBoard and people talking about current economic trends, but by the end, I could tell that it was an accepting environment.

Club leader Ambika Grover explains that “while the term ‘economics’ might seem intimidating at first glance, the reality of Economics Club reflects a welcoming community that has a place for people of all experiences and interest levels.”

Elliott Gordon, another club officer, describes how the meetings typically go: “Meetings are after school on Thursdays. After the students settle in, Mr. Tiedemann, the faculty advisor, and the group leaders formally begin the day's meeting. We typically talk about current economic events that occurred in the past week... After… we complete a different activity that we plan each week… Before people head out, we brainstorm new topics and activities for the following week.”

Mr. Tiedemann is proud of how far the team has come since its creation in 2015. He states that, “Our club meetings at the time had about four to seven students total. Since then our club has grown to tackle a wider array of current events issues and competitions, and our weekly attendance numbers are now closer to 30–35 students.” The club is so popular that it was difficult for me to find a seat! The club is so in demand that it even runs over the


Mr. Tiedemann’s happiest moment as advisor was when his “team finished first in the Euro Challenge”, and anotherhad a research paper selected by the NY Federal Reserve for publication.”

Adam Kaufman, who leads the club along with Grover and Gordon, notes that his “favorite part about the economics club is the variety of interests and background knowledge that our members bring to the table. We have students who love to talk about cryptocurrencies, students interested in the intricacies of monetary policy, and so much more...I walk into every meeting knowing that I will learn something interesting, a feeling that I look forward to every week.”

If interested, email Mr. Tiedemann at ian_tiedemann@greenwich.k12.ct.us

Econ club meets in room 405 on Thursdays from 3:15-4 PM.

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