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The Greenwitch Club

Before I joined the Greenwitch Literary Magazine, I have always enjoyed creative writing. One day, I decided to share a piece of writing with my English and US history teachers, Ms. VonBrachel and Mr. Belanger. By chance, they were the advisors for a creative literary magazine at GHS. When they read it, they told me how much they enjoyed it and encouraged me to join the Greenwitch club. They informed me that their club creates a winter and spring issue each year, publishing a mix of poetry and short stories from members and non-members. The club sounded interesting, but I was worried about what the club would be like. I went to the meeting anyway, since it doesn’t hurt to try. Turns out, I am glad I made that first step.

I’ve since interviewed poetry editor Sydney Floch, a member for 3 years, who shared that her favorite part of the club is “definitely the atmosphere,” saying, “I’m always drawn back to Greenwitch by the amazing people and writing. It doesn’t matter what ‘level’ of a writer you are, as long as you arrive with an open mind.” I definitely felt what Sydney said, for everyone was friendly, funny, and brought great ideas to the table.

A typical session at this club entails coming together and looking at a piece of writing somebody would like to share. We give the writer both praise and constructive criticism. For me, this workshopping helps me grow as a writer. Having different people review my piece and share their views helps me make my writing stronger, more detailed, and more varied. Not to mention, looking at other people’s short stories and poems helps me see what styles and techniques I can emulate from them. I’m not the only one, as Alicia Tang, the lead editor, feels “the diversity of thought that pervades every club meeting continually encourages [her] to broaden [her] writing horizons.” Not to mention, all the interaction between the writer and the rest of the club is positive. Junior Laforest, a member for 3 years, loves how “we're all very accepting of feedback and honest thoughts, and we're able to come together and grow.” He learned how being honest produces the best feedback.

In addition to workshops, the Greenwitch club hosts many exciting events. We try to have a couple of “Open Mic Nights.” At these events, “members and non-members alike can come to the podium to share their pieces,” says Alicia. We are in the process of organizing another one for Friday, June 3rd. Everyone, including parents, is welcome. Students are welcome to bring their best-written work to share in front of everyone. If you enjoy writing and want to get better with others as like-minded as you, Greenwitch is the perfect place to do so.

(The club meets Tuesdays from 3:15 to 4:15 in room 219 in Clark House.)

If you have any questions, feel free to email:

alicia.tang@greenwichschools.org or sydney.floch@greenwichschools.org

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